Protect yo energy SIS!!!

I would hear people all the time saying they are “protecting their energy”. Honestly I heard it so much that it became cliche; and everyone knows cliche terms tend to lose their power because we hear them so much. But this year something sparked in me to actually consider “PROTECTING MY ENERGY”. I’m the poster girl (extrovert) for walking into rooms where I’m uncomfortable or invited but not really welcomed because well I thought I had to be in those rooms. However, recently something clicked not sure if it’s age, maturity, or wisdom, or all of that working together, that my energy should be protected. Why keep emerging yourself in situations where your light is to bright? My light can be bright at home. Haha 

Anyway I said all that to encourage you to PROTECT YOUR ENERGY SIS!!!! You don’t have to be anywhere where you feel unwanted. NOW let’s not confuse that with the discomfort in stepping out on faith and trying something new or going for something that you’ve never reached for before. NOPE not the same thing. I’m saying if you know you’re being tolerated rather than welcomed, then it’s ok to pass! 


-Supernaturally Necie 

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  • Ashley Green
    Posted at 01:02h, 30 January Reply

    Your elevating deeper in your Christ consciousness!

    Love and light sent to you on your journey sis! #westandoutwedontblendin

    – Ashley

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